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Academic Word List (AWL) is a 55-lesson course designed to equip students with essential vocabulary required to understand academic contexts. Mastering AWL is key to succeeding in standard English tests such as TOEFL IBT, IELTS, PTE Academic, OET and proficiency tests. Each of the lessons has ten target words. However, with collocations and sample sentences, students will have learnt up to sixty to seventy words upon completion of a single lesson.

Lesson Flow

AWL course consists of 55 lessons each of which includes five parts.

1. Pronunciation: The correct pronunciation of the word is presented.

2. Collocations and sample sentences: Each word is presented with its synonyms, collocations and a sample sentence.

3. Gap Fill: There are ten questions in this part and students fill in the gaps with the words within given time. Then, answers are both shown and read aloud.

4. Multiple Choice: This part includes ten questions. Students choose the best choice among three options. Answers are presented visually and orally.

5. Restatement (Paraphrasing): In this part, students are given another set of ten sentences and they are asked to find the word or the phrase which restates the given sentences.

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